Building a portable live boot Debian image.

February 4, 2024

Research notes and example of building Debian Live image.

I've been working on a project called [](] for a while and one problem I've been facing is building an installer disk. Which on paper seems like it should be easy. I should be able to boot the installer in a VM and install it to another disk or directly to a flash drive I thought. This though does not quite work as the bootloaders usually don't work across OS's.

Live USB(Boot)

I noodled around looking at FAI Fully Automatic Install and other projects in this space such as Arch Linux's guide on live USB.

Once I stumbled upon Xebians and [Kali's}( examples of using live boot I knew I was on the right track though.

The by-product of this research can be found in this example Repo Building inside of docker locally and in Github actions