MacOS fast user switching.

April 9, 2019

Use fast user switching for hygienic separation between personal and professional accounts on a single laptop.

Fast user switching

Enabling Fast user Switching MacOS

  • Clean separation of dependencies.
  • All your apps and developer tools are already installed * Using tools like NVM and PyENV allow you to have different versions of Python or Node
  • Install new tools by switching To admin * Which can be a touchID away.
  • Separate lines of notifications _ No business stuff on personal hours _ No personal notifications 🍑🍆 when your showing something off at work.
  • Your new account will have a name like Nicholas Romero @ google or some variation * username can be the name of the company.
  • Use your personal apple ID but turn everything off
    • eg email, contacts notes etc feel free to turn something on if it needs to be shared.
  • Sign into chrome with your GSutie email.