Project Quiescent

A new project i'm working on to build better blogs that live inside of git.

Summertime Adventure in New Orleans

Visiting New Orleans with my friend Andy

Mount Kilimanjaro Part 1 - Getting ready

Origin's of my Tanzania Africa trip to climb Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the Arizona Burn center.

Straight forward reusable React components

Building clean reusable components and avoiding decision paralysis when choosing their props.

Building a scheduled CI E2E test failure Slack notifier

How to build a Slack notifier when scheduled E2E tests fail.

Alpine k3s based single node Kubernetes cluster.

This guide shows how to set up a Kubernetes node with Alpine

Docker Linux Workstation Development

Making linux Docker more like Docker Desktop for macOS and Windows.

Building a Enum Based Form Stepper In React Typescript

We look at a streamlined form stepper design pattern.

Wireguard Based VPN Intranets

Understanding and Implementing Private Intranets

Apollo Cache Overview

What is the Apollo cache, ensure correct usage and update post mutation.

Typescript React Grid Areas

A Reusable Component Design Pattern for CSS Grid Areas in Typescript React.

Rsync'ing Code Directories Between two computers

A script to attempt keeping my code folder in sync between my laptop and workstation.

Scytale: Ansible Automated Private Key Infrastructure.

Automated private key infrastructure (PKI), Ansible managed certificate authority, server and client certificates.

Multi Arch Docker Buildx in CI/CD

Automated Multi Arch Docker Image Builds


Ansible Playbook for Emulating Raspberry Pi OS with KVM

Writing a gear torque calculator

While utilizing a stepper motor and gears. I needed more torque and different sized gears. So I wrote a small gear torque calculator.

Compiling and Testing on a remote microcontroller

We learn how we can develop microcontroller code using the Arduino CLI, compile it and the upload our code to the micrcontroller.

Driving a stepper motor with a microcontroller

Controlling a stepper motor.

Evaluating Rust.

A look at setting using Rust for REST APIs and Embedded development.

Learning network security with IoT/HomeKit.

"How setting up IoT/HomeKit can teach you about network security."

MacOS fast user switching.

Use fast user switching for hygienic separation between personal and professional accounts on a single laptop.

New site stack

We take a look at the process and technology behind this site.