New site stack

March 10, 2019

The new site was created using react-static. It reads the contents of the post directory which contain markdown files. The code its automatically pushed to Netlify.

Netlify builds the project and then informs sentry of a new build and release. Sentry gives us insites into errors that occur in our code base.

Getting Sentry to recognize the repo to link commit history to was a pain but should real useful in future projects. Uploading site maps was relatively easy.

One thing i'm actually working on as I type is the metadata related to this post is markdown meta data. As usual I used my favorite tool regex to extract the the markdown meta data. This uses the YAML section markers and we parse out various metadata.

layout: post
title: New site stack
description: We take a look at the process and technology behind this site.
datePosted: 3/9/2019

The new site was created using...

The goal was to have an extremely customizable blog I can write markdown in and make any customizations I like easily while having zero worries about maintenance.

The source code for the site can be found on Github here here.