Project Quiescent

July 27, 2022

A new project i'm working on to build better blogs that live inside of git.

I've had this idea for awhile of a personal website where files exist first and foremost as documents committed to a repo rather than a database.

Currently this blog was the initial catalyst for this project. I've acheved the tech but the experience of writing posts is still cumbersome.

I started with an shell script that generates the markdown for me with todays data, title, slug and a description.

Without all the variables being initialized the main bit is bellow

cat <<EOT >> $posts_dir/$post_file_name
slug: $post_title_slug
title: $post_tile
date: '${current_date}'
description: CHANGEME
tags: ['CHANGEME']
Hello World

Current Pain Points about existing workflow

  • Prettier always messes up the post attribute
  • Adding pictures is awkward
    • Galleries is even harder


  • Markdown Files
  • Full React file
    • Style pictures and other media how ever you like

The big paradigm here is the frontend can operate both locally and remotely on a git repository introducing changes

The hard part has been getting the thing working

Following the Graph back out of the post

Eg how can we have the blog post show case conversations on twitter about it without knowing about it's creation

Using analytics and other services