Tamagatchi Like Tutor

Building a single purpose embeeded device to teach basic arithmetic.


Distributing a single purpose chepa device to teach math that can be distributed to improvrished communities would help catalyse these communities into modern society.

To stay lean initally we are focusing on math.

  • Reading
  • Basic Arthimetic - Addition, Subtraction, Multipication, Diviesion
  • CompSci Alebra

This intially spwaned out of a home hackathon where made a custom GPT that I wrote about here


This repo is a Rust workspace, it has a shared core library, a terminal CLI and an ESP32. It was designed so that it could be deployed on embdeeded device.


A cheap, single-purpose educational device, akin to a Tamagotchi, offers significant benefits for impoverished communities. Its low cost and focused functionality provide targeted and engaging learning experiences without the need for advanced infrastructure like internet or electricity. These devices are easy to distribute, robust, and require minimal maintenance, making them particularly suitable for remote and under-resourced areas.